Pune jointly organized seminar for Girl Students

On Monday 16th September 2013, Women Welfare committee of MACS college, World Peace Centre Youth Mission Pune , Board of Student Welfare & NSS Pune jointly organized seminar for Girl Students on the topic “INCREASING HARRASSMENT AND VIOLATIONS OF WOMEN’S RIGHTS, PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS”

Hon’ble Smt. Shamina Shafiq- Member (National Commission for Women Govt.of India, New Delhi) was the Chief Guest. Hon’ble Dr. Adish Aggarwala- President , International Council of Jurists was President , Hon’ble Abdur Rehman(I.P.S) Additional Commissioner of Police, Pune was the Guest of Honour.

Program began with World Peace Prayer and Lightening of lamp.


Dr. S.N.Pathan, National Co-ordinator, World Peace Centre Youth Mission, MAEER's MIT, Pune has Welcome all the eminent personalities and also given the introduction of this programme. He explained the Objectives of the programme. He emphasized the Youth Commission Organization for eradicating the crimes from the society. He has also enlightened the facts regarding the discrimination in the society.

In this Programme the importance was given to the Girls. Anubhuti, Payal Bhatti, Heena Verma and Ritika Kunnat , Shivangi , Apurva , Ashrika girl representative expressed their opinions, feelings and also solutions for the Increasing Harassment and violations of Women’s Rights, Problems such as Rape, Dowry, Unequal Wages, Child Pornography and so many.

Dr. Vishwanath Karad Sir appreciated all the girls and inspired the Women. He said that Security of the women is the most important issue in our country. He said that we have to maintain the Decency, Decorum and Dignity of the Women by securing them. He emphasized the Discipline and Character in the MIT Institution. He said that every Girl could not be Zhashi ki rani but should not fear any conditions and face it confidently. He expressed the gratitude to Women.


Chief Guest Smt. Shamina Shafiq she shared her feelings, opinions and suggestions for the problems relating to women. She said that “Problem is a word synonym to the Women.”That means Women have to face number of problems in their life. And she missed the “Problem creators”i.e. Men. Men should understand the problems of Women. They should have change their mind set and attitudes towards women. From the very beginning Women have to face the problems.

She said that women are ignorant about their Rights. They are not aware about their legal rights. They should know all their rights. Basically they don’t know their rights so cannot execute it. And off course no knowledge of the remedies even after the violations of the Rights. She said that we should not discuss the problems but the solutions for it and you should claim for it.

She also suggested the solutions such as Emotional Empowerment we should make women emotionally very strong. Educational Empowerment, Women should be educated. There is a difference between Education and literacy. Educated means every woman should know their Rights.
Machinery is there for the implementation of the Laws, but there are flaws in the machinery. She said that number of crimes are not reported, Police are not filing the F.I.R. because they have to show the less number of crimes in the society. For that reason women should be very strong and should know all the rights.

Guest of Honour Hon’ble Abdur Rehman (I.P.S) Sir explained all the offences related to the women with the help of Indian Penal Code, 1860. He stated all the provisions which are available for the women. He also mentioned the rate of crimes against women, day by day it is increasing.. They should feel secured in the society.


Hon’ble Dr. Adish Aggarwala President he explained the number of problems of women, such as Rape, Dowry……Judiciary is providing Justice to the common people and it has been proved in Delhi Gang Rape case. Judiciary has given Death Penalty to all the accused in that matter.


Dr. Pandit Shelke thanked to Dr. Vishwanath Karad Sir for conducting such a great programme related to the women’s issues, problems and crimes. He mentioned that in Pune MIT College is the first college which has conducted such a kind of programme for the women/Girls (students).
Dr. T.N. More Sir, Principal of MACS College, thanked to all the eminent personalities for giving their valuable time and also for the guidance to the dearest students. He specially thanked to Dr.Vishwanath Karad Sir for his continuous support.

Reshma Somvanshi

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