One Day Workshop on Value Based Universal Education System and Winning Personality Development

WORLD PEACE CENTRE (Alandi), MAEER’s MIT Pune,YOUTH MISSION & Board of Students Welfare, N.S.S.(University of Pune) &MAEER’S Arts, Commerce and Science College,Pune Jointly organize “one Day Workshop on Value Based Universal Education System and Winning Personality Development” on 16th August 2013 at Swami Vivekananda Sabhagruh MIT Campus, Pune. This workshop continued for about 5 hours with participation of 1050 N.S.S students of 63 colleges in Pune city! As per MIT’S tradition to give the best possible to students Very eminent personality were invited as mentors which comprised of Dr.Vishwanath Karad (Founder and President MAEER’S MIT group, Pune), Prof.Milind Patre (Fonder of Udaan institute), Dr S.V.Pathan (Former V.C,Secretary Youth Mission group),Dr.Shakera Inamdar(N.S.S coordinator and officer University of Pune), Dr.Shelke(Chief officer Student Welfare committee University of Pune),Dr.Sanjay Upadhye, Dr.T.N.More(Principal MACS college), Prof.Wadhai(Principal MIT COE),

To start with, Dr.S.V.Pathan sir mentioned the showcase of the workshop and talked about family bonding values which are the most important in everybody’s life! He also revealed that to bring about such change in youth there is a group called “Youth Mission” where the youth can register online ( for such consequences.

Then after, Prof. Shelke gave a brief introduction to what exact values or value based education does University of Pune as well as the world expects from youth to bring about unbelievable change in the country! Also he talked about various welfare schemes under University of Pune!
The next very interesting speaker was Dr.Shakera Inamdar.She confidently and eagerly mentioned that this kind of workshops will surely create a positive impact on N.S.S students as these candidates are very much dedicated towards values and social service! She also promised of organizing such workshops frequently under the able permission and guidance of N.S.S department of University of Pune for youth development!
Then after, Dr.Vishwanath Karad spoke about the values which our ancient gurus like Swami Vivekanand, Sant Dynaeshwar, Sant Tukaram enchanted which even prove true today. Also he talked about the values mentioned in different mythologies, which all together combined are one and the same! He strongly believes in maintaining peace universally and says that, “If God is same, the values for all religions are also same”! He also introduced a new equation in science which says Om=E=mc2

Taking into consideration the mindset of youth which was sitting patiently for more than 3 hours, a very charming and excellent personality was introduced which was none other than Dr.Sanjay Upadhye! Along with some funny incidences, short stories and scripts he unknowingly inculcated very primary and basic values in youngsters in very short span of time! Students enjoyed this session as well! He prominently mentioned that creating bonds between our self and mother,father,sister,brother and husband/wife is the most important value that everyone should inculcate within ourselves no matter what is the age.

And then was the most awaited speaker Prof.Milind Patre! He has conducted around 7000 stage shows and has a tremendous experience of 18 years in this field! He had an friendly chat with youngsters about what exactly values means where he uniquely mentioned about respecting self, the and then only the world will respect us! Also he explained of how to remain cool even in serious or chaotic situation! A feather to his session was the musical meditation which really showed a unanimous impact on youngsters present and evoked the energies in them!
On behalf of MIT GROUP of institution Dr.T.N More gave away vote of thanks!

To brief out in short, the workshop was really unique in its way and was of great help to students. Students expressed their overwhelmed views on the workshop and promised to attend further seminars and workshops too. Inculcating these values will surely make the life very colorful and successful!

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