Youth Mission

May the sun of ambition light up the skies of the youth!
And the dove of compassion take the wing on the horizons of truth!
May the evolution of the self elevate the lives of the kith and kin,
And open wide the doors of prosperity to the less fortunate brethren!
May the pledge of virtue usher world peace with splendor,
And lead the exuberance of youth to the land of enthusiasm yonder!

Dear Friends!
Today India is home to one-fifth of human race, and more than 40% of this population is below the age of thirty. India’s massive youth population offers us an opportunity to positively impact many areas of human civilization. The whole global population today looks up to India to produce future leaders in many sectors.

This is a great time for India as a Nation, but while we are chasing a superficial dream of being a Superpower, it is very important that the all of India’s youth realize and dedicate themselves in working towards the true identity of Indian culture and civilization.

India, since the advent of human civilization, has been recognized as a wealthy country, not the notion of materialistic wealth that we are chasing today but the wealth of knowledge. India has always been at the helm of world affairs in propagating both scientific and spiritual knowledge.

Today, not only our nation, but the whole world is faced with many social challenges, such as Poverty, Healthcare, Over-Population, Unemployment, Corruption, Economic disparities, Terrorism and Destruction caused by Natural and Man-made calamities.

These problems have always existed in human society, but the ancient Indian civilization throughout history identified them as challenges and rose to the occasion by developing from time to time a society that reads the path of ‘Value Based Living’.

After pondering over the various social issues that are crippling our society and creating an atmosphere of fear and distrust amongst people, World Peace Centre (Alandi), MAEERS' MIT, Director-General Prof. Dr. V. D. Karad has architected not only a stepping stone but a corner stone in creating young leaders, who shall be physically strong, mentally alert, intellectually sharp and spiritually elevated.

World Peace Centre is initiating the cause of assembling 51,000 Vishwa Shantidoot or World Peace Volunteers (WPV) who will shoulder the responsibility of community development, locality development, regional development and to stand together firmly to support in case of disasters caused by natural or man-made calamities, but by first developing themselves as independent individuals and good citizens!!
There has always been great potential in the young minds and hearts. Swami Vivekananda the Great Noble Sun of India & a Youth Icon said the following words in context of the Indian youth “Give me a few good men with muscles of iron and nerves of steel and I will change the face of Mother India.”

We wish to utilize this youth energy for the cause of service to self, service to society, service to the nation and finally service to mankind.

Vivekananda also stated in 1897 that, “in the next 100-125 years, i.e. in the 21st century, India will be recognised as the ‘Knowledge Corridor of the World’ and it will show the true path of Happiness, Prosperity and World Peace!”

Friends, today we see an excessive preference towards a materialistic and debaucherous life against the freedom bestowed on us by our forefathers. Today’s youth is easily swayed by the ‘Pub Culture’ and ‘Freshers Parties’ that are setting up a platform for a materialistic lifestyle, diminishing their social outlook and making “independence & freedom” synonymous with “selfishness & recklessness”. But every right comes with a duty. The freedom to speak comes with the duty to listen, the freedom to follow our beliefs comes with the duty to tolerate the beliefs of another. It is time that we shed the ego of money and quick gains and start seeing the word through a more humane perspective.

Friends, World Peace Centre (Alandi), MAAER’s MIT, Pune, India is the seat of a UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Tolerance and the young minds of our organization under the banner of Youth Mission invite you to become a part of our volunteer team and help not just propagate but develop a culture of Peace, through means of grass root interactive activities.

Do you have it in you to step up to the challenge??